Formula “O” vs. Regular Chlorine Shock

Formula "O"

Formula “O” is a non-toxic non-chlorine shock treatment that is used weekly. This formula is a much safer and more complete system for water treatment than regular chlorine shock treatment.

Formula “O” is non-toxic

Regular chlorine shock is toxic and corrosive. Exactly what it sounds like, chlorine works by poisoning and corroding living organisms. The stronger the concentration of chlorine in the solution or granules, the more toxic and corrosive it is, not only to microorganisms but to human tissue. If you get chlorine shock treatment in your eyes or on your skin, it will cause irritation or cause permanent damage if not rinsed immediately after contact. Chlorine is a choking hazard, an explosive risk, and is very volatile, and should not be mixed with certain other chemicals because it creates poison gas. Chlorine also creates poison gas as a byproduct of evaporated pool water. This is why chlorine levels have to be so exact and monitored closely. If you put “too much” chlorine in a chlorinated pool, it causes mild to severe skin irritation (rashes and burning), eye irritation, and is toxic if ingested. Also, as I mentioned before, chlorine creates poison gases as a byproduct of pool water evaporation, and if chlorine levels are too high – you guessed it – these poison gas vapors become extremely dangerous for humans to inhale. If you do not put “enough” chlorine or chlorine shock treatment in a chlorinated pool, it is susceptible to bacteria and algae growth. This brings me to my next point of what makes Formula “O” a better and more complete system for water treatment than regular chlorine shock treatment.

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Formula “O” eliminates the need for extra chemicals

Regular chlorine shock treatment is only one of the many chemicals you will be buying and using on a regular basis if you have a chlorinated pool system. There are problems with the water sometimes, such as algae, pollen, or heavy metals in the water, depending on the climate and the source of water, and it seems that every possible problem you could have requires a different chemical to treat. Algaecides, clarifiers, sequestrants, flocculents, stains, and scale preventers are among the extra chemicals you will need to treat your pool with a chlorine system. Not only are these extra chemicals extremely costly, but it is also very difficult to tell if they are all working properly once you are adding so many chemicals to your pool. You are trying to keep the water clear and fresh, but treating the pool water with toxic chemicals is dangerous for the swimmers you are trying to protect! It is also very time-consuming to try to troubleshoot chlorine pool maintenance. Thus, Formula “O” simplifies the pool maintenance process by allowing you to simply add the powder to your pool once a week, and does not need the help of anything off the long list of extra chemicals involved in chlorine pool maintenance in order to keep the water clean, clear, and safe for swimming.

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