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Above Ground Pool Pump Options

Finding the ideal above ground pool pump options is essential in setting up an efficient filtration system for your swimming pool. To have an efficient filtration system, will need to have a pool pump and filter for your above ground pool. One of the benefits of having an above ground pool is that its pump and filter are sold together as a unit. This order process makes it more economical than single pumps and filters. This write up covers the

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Pros and cons of a salt water pool

Salt water pools

Pros and cons of a salt water pool Salt water pools have started to grow in popularity during the past few years, mostly thanks to hotels and curious homeowners. Nowadays, salt water pools are inexpensive so investing in one is an excellent idea. However, before you invest in one you should consider the pros and cons of a salt water pool! Benefits of salt water pool: The first significant advantage of a salt water pool is the very low chlorine level.

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Why a cloudy pool after rain

cloudy pool

Have you ever noticed that after it rains you have a cloudy pool? Have you ever stopped to wonder why? If you have then, we are going to tell you why. Pool Basics 101 Cloudy Pool Water First and foremost you need to know the basics of your pool chemistry to understand a cloudy pool. Your pool is water filled with chemicals to kill bacteria and other disease-causing micro-organisms. Pool chemistry is very delicate. Rainwater can either be alkaline or acidic

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