Are Salt Water Swimming Pools More Healthy?

There are many questions about the benefits of salt water swimming pools. Firstly, what exactly are salt water pools and why should you want one? Are they just like swimming in the ocean? How can you make the water safe and clean for kids? Doesn’t it use chlorine? And finally, is the salt water swimming pool healthier and better for the environment? There are many misconceptions and suppositions regarding salt water swimming pools. One of the most evident is related

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How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

When you have your own pool, you need to maintain it throughout the year in order to make the water clear and pristine. Maintaining the pool filter, disinfecting it, checking for the right water chemistry and cleaning the area around the pool are all the measures you need to take. However, sometimes, you just get cloudy pool water. So, how can you clear it? In the first place, you’ll need to do a complete treatment to the water. Test the

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Advantages Of Above Ground Pools

Blue Wave Gold 15 Year 16 ft x 25 ft Oval Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Ever considered setting up a pool in your house? Above ground pools are ideal, especially if you do not want to go through the stress of digging the earth and constructing an inground pool. Above ground pools are as good inground pools and even have more benefits. This post provides you with some advantages and reasons why they are the best options for you. Cost First of all, if you are considering cost, then certainly, above ground pools are your

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How to Check Pool Chlorine

How to check pool chlorine

Pools are in danger from getting contaminated from rain, debris, dust, animals and swimmers. Chlorine is used to sanitize pool water. It is used to kill bacteria and prevent the growth of viruses, algae and other contaminants to keep it safe to swim. How is chlorine created? Chlorine is a product made through the electrolysis of salt water. The way that works is the use of electricity passing through Salt (2NaCl) and water (2H2O). The electricity causes the atoms to

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How to Shock a Pool

how to shock a pool

Shocking a pool is the process of adding chemicals to your pool to remove chloramines and make the pool safe for swimming. The following instructions give you a few options for shock treatments and calculators for your individual pool. Note that there are chlorinated and non-chlorinated options for shocking your pool and that some protective gear may not be needed for non-toxic shock treatment options. Instructions for shocking a pool: 1. Buy a shock treatment. For this step, I recommend

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Formula “O” vs. Regular Chlorine Shock

Formula "O"

Formula “O” is a non-toxic non-chlorine shock treatment that is used weekly. This formula is a much safer and more complete system for water treatment than regular chlorine shock treatment. Formula “O” is non-toxic Regular chlorine shock is toxic and corrosive. Exactly what it sounds like, chlorine works by poisoning and corroding living organisms. The stronger the concentration of chlorine in the solution or granules, the more toxic and corrosive it is, not only to microorganisms but to human tissue.

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Non Chlorine Pool

Looking for pool chlorine alternatives? A non chlorine pool is achievable in a number of ways and offers many health benefits. But is it affordable? In this article, I outline the alternatives to the traditional chlorine pool. Saltwater pools Alternative to traditional swimming pools, many swear by saltwater pool systems, as the pool owner does not have to add chlorine and regularly maintain the pool. However, saltwater systems use sodium chloride which produces chlorine in the water. So while this

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Hayward Salt Cell or Switch to a Non-Chlorine Oxygen Pool?

cat hayward salt pool

Looking for a Hayward salt cell replacement for a saltwater pool system? Maybe you’re interested in switching from a chlorine pool system to a saltwater pool system. Let’s look at some of the maintenance costs, conversion costs, and replacement costs for chlorine and saltwater pool systems and the alternatives. The cost of maintaining a chlorine or saltwater pool system An average salt system replacement cell is around $400 A little shopping around, and you’ll see that the national average cost of

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How much chlorine should you add to your pool

Pool season is here, and you’re ready to get your pool in swimming order. Before you jump into your beautiful sparkling blue oasis, you need to make sure it is safe, clean, and free of disease-causing pathogens. But there is one problem; how much chlorine to add to pool? Why does it have to be exact? There are so many ways you could get this wrong. If you don’t use enough, you are allowing the possibility for harmful microorganisms to

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Green Pool Water?

green pool water

Green pool water? Let’s identify the causes and the solutions. Pool water turning green can be caused by a number of things, a few of which have simple solutions. Algae: First, pool water can be green because of algae buildup. In a chlorine pool, this algae buildup can be due to a lack of appropriate amounts of chlorine in the water. You can identify algae as slimy and dark green, and it sticks to the walls and bottom of the

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