4 Types Of Above Ground Pool Covers

Blue Wave 18 ft x 34 ft Oval Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover

One of the first steps to proper above ground pool care and maintenance is using a pool cover. Pool covers have a lot of benefits including reducing the number of chemicals in your pool, maintaining clean water, retaining heat, and protecting the pool from harsh weather elements. There are several types of above ground pool covers, and picking the best one depends on your needs. Although all covers keep your above ground pool clean, some are better served for that

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Why is Pool pH Important

Taylor Swimming Pool   Spa Water 4-In-1 Chlorine Bromine pH Test Kit   K-1003

The pH level is a major factor when it comes to pool chemistry and needs to be properly balanced at all times. It is one of the most important levels and should be tested at least every day in your pool water. What is pH? It is the measurement of acidity in the pool water on a scale from 0 to 14. pH level needs to be neutral which is between 7.2 and 7.6. But what makes pH so important?

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Advantages Of Above Ground Pools

Blue Wave Gold 15 Year 16 ft x 25 ft Oval Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Ever considered setting up a pool in your house? Above ground pools are ideal, especially if you do not want to go through the stress of digging the earth and constructing an inground pool. Above ground pools are as good inground pools and even have more benefits. This post provides you with some advantages and reasons why they are the best options for you. Cost First of all, if you are considering cost, then certainly, above ground pools are your

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How to Check Pool Chlorine

How to check pool chlorine

Pools are in danger from getting contaminated from rain, debris, dust, animals and swimmers. Chlorine is used to sanitize pool water. It is used to kill bacteria and prevent the growth of viruses, algae and other contaminants to keep it safe to swim. How is chlorine created? Chlorine is a product made through the electrolysis of salt water. The way that works is the use of electricity passing through Salt (2NaCl) and water (2H2O). The electricity causes the atoms to

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How to Shock a Pool

how to shock a pool

Shocking a pool is the process of adding chemicals to your pool to remove chloramines and make the pool safe for swimming. The following instructions give you a few options for shock treatments and calculators for your individual pool. Note that there are chlorinated and non-chlorinated options for shocking your pool and that some protective gear may not be needed for non-toxic shock treatment options. Instructions for shocking a pool: 1. Buy a shock treatment. For this step, I recommend

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Opening an Above Ground Pool

opening above ground pool

So winter isn’t quite over, but it is not too soon to start thinking about the warmer weather and the pool opening.  You are already planning the outdoor BBQ’s, the family and friends gathered around, splashing and enjoying the refreshing water. Maybe you are daydreaming about lounging, basking in the warm sun, getting your tan perfected, and just enjoying sunbathing with an ice-cold beverage in a koozie.  If you have kids, they are probably already asking when they can swim

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When to open the pool

When to open the pool

  When to open the pool? As temperatures rise and the winter chill goes away, many pool owners wonder when to begin the pool opening process. Opening your pool earlier rather than waiting will help you save money and time. Holding off on opening your pool could cause you a major headache. When is it considered too early or too late to open a pool? Water temperature is a major factor in opening a pool. As the water begins to

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Pool Still Cloudy After Shock

Pool still cloudy after shock girl

Is your pool still cloudy after shock? Sometimes it seems like you can end up with cloudy pool water for no reason at all. When the pool turns cloudy most people will turn to shocks in an attempt to clear up the water. If the pool is still cloudy after shock it can be for a few reasons. Cloudy pool water comes from a buildup of organic and inorganic material in the water, like algae blooms. Pool shock will sanitize

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Oxygenated vs. Chlorine Pools

Oxygenated Pools vs. Chlorine Pools

Pity the poor pool owner. All we want is a clean pool at a reasonable cost. We just want the water to be clear and inviting for ourselves, our kids and our neighbors. In the 21st century, it seems like all we get are 19th-century treatments or new technologies that cost a fortune. Most people have a love/hate relationship with their pool. We love the convenience of being able to cool off in hot weather and as a social center

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Why a cloudy pool after rain

cloudy pool

Have you ever noticed that after it rains you have a cloudy pool? Have you ever stopped to wonder why? If you have then, we are going to tell you why. Pool Basics 101 Cloudy Pool Water First and foremost you need to know the basics of your pool chemistry to understand a cloudy pool. Your pool is water filled with chemicals to kill bacteria and other disease-causing micro-organisms. Pool chemistry is very delicate. Rainwater can either be alkaline or acidic

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