Hayward Salt Cell or Switch to a Non-Chlorine Oxygen Pool?

cat hayward salt pool

Looking for a Hayward salt cell replacement for a saltwater pool system? Maybe you’re interested in switching from a chlorine pool system to a saltwater pool system. Let’s look at some of the maintenance costs, conversion costs, and replacement costs for chlorine and saltwater pool systems and the alternatives. The cost of maintaining a chlorine or saltwater pool system An average salt system replacement cell is around $400 A little shopping around, and you’ll see that the national average cost of

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Pros and cons of a salt water pool

Salt water pools

Pros and cons of a salt water pool Salt water pools have started to grow in popularity during the past few years, mostly thanks to hotels and curious homeowners. Nowadays, salt water pools are inexpensive so investing in one is an excellent idea. However, before you invest in one you should consider the pros and cons of a salt water pool! Benefits of salt water pool: The first significant advantage of a salt water pool is the very low chlorine level.

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