Pool Still Cloudy After Shock

Is your pool still cloudy after shock?

Pool still cloudy after shock girl
Pool still cloudy after shock

Sometimes it seems like you can end up with cloudy pool water for no reason at all. When the pool turns cloudy most people will turn to shocks in an attempt to clear up the water. If the pool is still cloudy after shock it can be for a few reasons. Cloudy pool water comes from a buildup of organic and inorganic material in the water, like algae blooms. Pool shock will sanitize the water and oxidize off most of the contaminates but it isn’t going to get rid of all the material in the water.

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Some shocks have other additives such as clarifiers and minerals like copper. The clarifiers bind to the particulates and depend on the filter to actually remove the cloudy look from the water. Copper and the other additives are mainly to eliminate and prevent algae growth.

oxygen pool chlorine free water treatment for cloudy pools

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The best way to clear up cloudy pool water after shocking is to run the pump to cycle the water through the filter. The pool filter is the single most important part of keeping your pool water clean and clear. Run the pool pump for 24-48 hours after shocking. If the water is still cloudy, there could be a problem with the filter or a sign of a major chemical imbalance. It could also be that the filter needs cleaning.

Cloudy Pool Water Can Be Dangerous

Pool still cloudy after shock diving
Pool still cloudy after shock diving

The pool filter needs cleaning when the pressure gauge is about 8-10 psi over its normal operating range. Ensure that the filter is the correct size for the pool its installed on. Use the filter size calculator at Pool Chemical Calculator.com to figure out the correct size filter for the pool gallons.

Remember, never swim in cloudy pool water! It’s not safe to swim if you can’t see the main drain. Shock the pool and run the pump for 24-48 hours. For a chlorine free pool, Oxygen Pools uses dynamic oxygen to keep the water clean and beautiful.