Advantages Of Above Ground Pools

Ever considered setting up a pool in your house? Above ground pools are ideal, especially if you do not want to go through the stress of digging the earth and constructing an inground pool. Above ground pools are as good inground pools and even have more benefits. This post provides you with some advantages and reasons why they are the best options for you.


First of all, if you are considering cost, then certainly, above ground pools are your best option. They are highly cost effective and this is because the smaller the pool, the lower the cost of maintenance, cost of supplies and other materials needed. With this choice of pool, you are sure to save a lot of money. Unlike inground pools which add to the value of your house and usually increase your tax rate, above ground pools leave your taxes where they are and helps you save more money, while enjoying the comfort of your pool.

Blue Wave Gold 15 Year 12 ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover
Easy installation

Above ground pools are very easy to setup as they usually come in all in one packages. You can even set it up yourself without assistance. Unlike the stress of setting up an inground pool, it usually takes a day to set up and two days, if you are busy with other work.

Amazing features

Though small, it has a lot of features that you look further to, in setting up a pool. Nowadays, these pools are equipped with so many exciting features such as diving boards, water fountains, detachable ladders, Sand filter pumps, optional add on pumps, heaters, flow control drainage valves and repair patch. Some even have salt water generators, but you have to use a resin pool and not a steel pool, if you are looking further to a salt water pool. This salt system is usually a much more better option than chlorine. It is also equipped with good lightening inside and around the pool for safety purposes, covers to keep the water clean and automatic pool cleaners, to reduce the stress of cleaning. Solar powered covers are also available to keep your pool warm, when not in use.

Oxygen Pools
Oxygen Pools

Convenience and safety

With regards to convenience and safety, they are also very advantageous. Above ground pools come in different size, some even large enough to fit your entire backyard. So, an entire family can hop in and have fun. However, If you do not want a very large one, smaller ones are also available that can fit any space in your backyard. Safety depends on the set up of the pool. However, it is usually more difficult for certain accidents like children and pets falling into the pool to occur, with above ground pools. The ladder of the pool can also be disconnected when not in use to further prevent accidents. Above ground pools are also very flexible, hence their location can be changed at any time and make its easy to move your pool when moving from one house to another.