When to open the pool

When to open the pool


When to open the pool? As temperatures rise and the winter chill goes away, many pool owners wonder when to begin the pool opening process. Opening your pool earlier rather than waiting will help you save money and time. Holding off on opening your pool could cause you a major headache.

When is it considered too early or too late to open a pool? Water temperature is a major factor in opening a pool. As the water begins to warm up in the pool, chlorine becomes critical to keep the water clean and safe. Unlike cold water, warm water allows algae and bacteria to breed fast. And algae are a significant problem in any pool. Once algae produce, they cause havoc to the water. And no, not just turning your water green, but also to your pool surface and equipment. The pores of the algae bloom can clog up your pool filter, hide in crevices of the plaster and tiles, cause stains along the pool surfaces, and mess up vinyl liners.

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Algae make pool openings time consuming and costly. You have to deal with the cleanup, extra chemicals, and possible damage. This contamination could lead to expensive repairs to filters, liners, surfaces, equipment and more. Algae can become more of a headache if you wait to open your pool, which in turn will cause you more money in the end.

Since temperature is an essential factor, opening your pool comes down to your location and the weather during springtime. Does your spring temperatures stay chilly or are they warming up throughout the day? The best rule of opening a pool is to look at the daytime temperatures, and if the daytime temperatures for your area are consistently at or above 70 degrees, you can go ahead and open your pool.

You can even use your pool heater to begin the pool opening process earlier. Who would not like to use their pool earlier in the spring to get more use out of your pool season?

If you closed your pool correctly, opening your pool will not be painful. So keep an eye on your weather temperatures because it is best to begin opening your pool earlier rather than later.