Pros and cons of a salt water pool

pros and cons of a saltwater pool
pros and cons of a saltwater pool

Pros and cons of a salt water pool

Salt water pools have started to grow in popularity during the past few years, mostly thanks to hotels and curious homeowners. Nowadays, salt water pools are inexpensive so investing in one is an excellent idea. However, before you invest in one you should consider the pros and cons of a salt water pool!

Benefits of salt water pool:

The first significant advantage of a salt water pool is the very low chlorine level. A regular pool has a high amount of chlorine, and that can damage your skin in the long run. Regular pools require you to add chlorine into the pool manually, but the salt water pools are using chlorine generators. These generators will convert salt into the necessary chlorine.

Another great benefit of salt water pool is the lack of regular maintenance. Some of the salt water pools have a self-cleaning feature to help keep the cell clean. By reversing the polarity in the cell, the chlorine generator knocks off excess scale build up, reducing the frequency of cell cleaning.

benefits of salt water pool
benefits of salt water pool

The salt water pools also have a very low salt level. The salt found in this pool type is similar to the amount found in human tears. You can easily open your eyes when you are underwater. Opening your eyes isn’t easily done within a non-salt water pool with unbalanced chemicals.

Lastly, salt water pools are very gentle on your skin. The salt water will help you nurture your skin while swimming. As a result of the salt water, your skin will feel smoother and softer. People who are allergic to traditional chlorine pools often find a salt water pool doesn’t give them problems.
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Salt water pool drawbacks:

There are a few minor drawbacks that come from having salt water pools. The first downside is related to installation costs which can be a little on the expensive side. However, once you perform the installation you don’t need to get chlorine buckets anymore, and the maintenance is less costly. Also, the salt water pools might have to deal with more wear and tear when compared to other pools. The reason is simple; you do have salt inside your pool which will destroy the underwater lighting systems or masonry work. Plus, if you have crops or plants near the pool you might easily kill them as prolonged exposure to salt water (which you can do by mistake while splashing) will indeed lead to a plant’s demise.

Are salt water pools a great investment?

Yes, investing in salt water pools is an excellent idea. Not only do you get to enjoy a much healthier way to swim, but you even have the ability to cut maintenance expenses. Again, this type of pool is known for bringing some great skin benefits. There are a few minor downsides, but as a whole, you will appreciate the incredible value and health benefits you get from installing salt water pools. Don’t hesitate it is worth looking into a salt water pool; you’ll be amazed at the results!

For a chlorine and salt free pool, Oxygen Pools – Chlorine Free Water Treatment sanitizes the water with natural dynamic oxygen that leaves you feeling like you took a shower after a swim.  Cleaner, safer pool water that’s easier to manage and costs less than a chlorine pool.

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