Why Above Ground Pools Need Chemicals

The purchase of an above ground pool will lead to many happy hours spent with family and friends. However, as with built-in pools, you will need to care and maintain your purchase by using the right chemicals, in the right balance that will keep the water free of germs, bacteria, and pollutants. To maintain the water means that you will have to invest in above ground pool chemicals for the health and safety of those who will swim in the pool.

Proper Use of Above Ground Pool Chemicals

However, keep in mind that certain chemicals may have a detrimental effect unless you use them properly, so be sure to read the instructions so that you protect those who use the pool. Also, apply the chemicals in the days before a major party so that they have the time to destroy the harmful organisms and ready for a lot of swimmers.

Be sure to keep to the recommended amounts and check the pool afterward to see if there is any unwanted presence of algae. The good news is that the chemicals are only applied every so often. Meaning that if you plan your pool activities ahead of time such as for the weekend, the chemicals can deliver the desired effect while causing no harm to those swimming.

Health Benefits

The proper use of chemicals in your pool will mean hours of fun and enjoyment without the worry of the issues that would otherwise be present. The chemicals used have the effect of essentially clearing out all living organisms found in the water so that it is clean and clear.

Pools are essentially bodies of recycled water as the water passes through the filter unit. Making it easier for germs, bacteria, fungus, and other living elements to can grow in the pool if not adequately protected. Although unseen, these factors can cause a wide variety of illnesses that range from simple ear aches and eye irritation to infection or worse.

Why Above Ground Pools Need Chemicals


Without the use of pool chemicals such as chlorine, algae can start to grow. When present in great enough amounts, algae presents a health danger to those in and even around the pool. They can harbor bacteria and germs that enter through the lungs, eyes, and ears which lead to infections. By using the proper chemical in the right balance, you can keep your pool clear of algae.

Water Clarity

In addition to eliminating algae, the proper above ground pool chemicals will keep the water clear which naturally makes the pool more inviting. The appearance of clean, clear water in the pool ensures that family and friends will feel more secure about swimming since they know that any harmful bacteria or germs are not present.

Above ground pool chemicals need to be a part of your pool maintenance so that everyone is safe and protected when swimming.