Caribbean Blue Aqua Prep 10 Swimming Pool Alkalinity Increaser by Pool Spa Chemicals (5 Lb)


Raises Total Alkalinity

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Keep your pH from going up and down with Caribbean Blue Aqua Prep 10 Alkalinity Increaser presented by Pool Stuff Express. The alkalinity level in your pool water not only affects the pH levels but also helps to maintain a safe environment for your family to swim in. By keeping your alkalinity levels between 80 120 ppm you maintain healthy water. 

Test your pool water weekly to maintain the correct alkalinity balance. 

  • Prevents “pH bounce”
  • Prevents corrosion on fixtures and equipment
  • Quick dissolving
  • Raises total alkalinity
  • Available in 5lb 10lb and 25lb 
  • Raises Total Alkalinity
    Easy dissolving
    Balances pool water
    Prevents pH bounce
    Prevents corrosion on fixtures and equipment

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