Hayward Salt Cell or Switch to a Non-Chlorine Oxygen Pool?

Hayward salt cell
Hayward salt cell

Looking for a Hayward salt cell replacement for a saltwater pool system? Maybe you’re interested in switching from a chlorine pool system to a saltwater pool system. Let’s look at some of the maintenance costs, conversion costs, and replacement costs for chlorine and saltwater pool systems and the alternatives.

The cost of maintaining a chlorine or saltwater pool system

An average salt system replacement cell is around $400

A little shopping around, and you’ll see that the national average cost of maintaining a chlorine or saltwater pool per year is around $230 with a range of $160-$690, depending on your location. This cost is what you would spend in a year on chlorine and chemicals alone to treat the pool water. Keep in mind that most traditional feeder systems and salt systems (as well as most UV light and mineral treatment systems) require the use of chlorine (at the very least) as well as salt, algaecides, stabilizers or other minerals to treat the pool water on a weekly basis. So even if you make the switch from chlorine to a saltwater pool, you’ll still be paying for large amounts of chlorine and/or salt to maintain the pool.

The cost of a salt system replacement cell

Saltwater pool systems have cells that need to be replaced every 3-5 years. This cost is in addition to the cost of salt or other installation costs. An average salt system replacement cell is around $400. Since this cost is incurred every 3 to 5 years, you can divide this cost by 5 and factor it in to what your yearly maintenance costs are, but also note that saltwater systems also erode masonry and interior pool lighting over time, so there will be hidden costs of repair over the lifespan of the pool.

The cost of a chlorine free pool system

Oxygen Pools System Reveiw

The average cost to switch to an oxygen pool is around $399

The most popular alternative to chlorine and saltwater pool systems for health reasons and for monetary reasons is the Oxygen Pools system. The reason for this is that it is the only way to go chlorine free (keep in mind, too, that saltwater pools are still chlorine pools, as the salt cells convert salt to chlorine to treat the pool water) and you can convert a chlorine or saltwater system to an oxygen pool system. The average cost to switch to an oxygen pool is around $399. Oxygen Pool systems eliminate the yearly costs of maintenance (chlorine, stabilizers, algaecides, etc.) and the 5-year costs of salt cell replacements. Also, as almost all other systems use chlorine or have chlorine as a byproduct, Oxygen Pools has health benefits over these systems because by eliminating chlorine, you eliminate the noxious smells and damage to the swimmers’ eyes and skin. The Oxygen Pools system is paired with a once a week dose of Formula O, a non-chlorine blended shock treatment that takes the worry out of buying multiple chemicals and having to calculate pH levels regularly.


In my research, the average cost to switch to an Oxygen Pool system with water treatment included is less than a salt system replacement cell and one year of pool maintenance. It is also less than the cost of two years of pool maintenance. Switching to an oxygen pool also has invaluable health benefits and saves on hidden repair costs such as staining and erosion of other types of pools. For my money, the benefits of switching to an Oxygen Pool are well worth it.

chlorine free pool
chlorine free pool